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Derek Lawlor has an intricate and intuitive understanding of textiles on which he has founded his brand and consultancy. His womenswear infuses unique fabrications of knitted material with his innovative signature cord-work. Based in East London his atelier pushes the possibilities of knitwear, producing collections seasonally alongside creating bespoke showpieces for exhibitions.

Lawlor’s interest in exploring the crossover between art and design has led him to collaborate with artists and illustrators, including Alec Stang and Isobel Shirley. His garments have also appeared in books and museums worldwide.

As part of his commitment to exploring the possibilities of his industry, Derek Lawlor provides a design and textile consultancy service for designers, brands and corporate clients. Consultancy services include fabric and product development.

His client list includes Marimekko, Jayne Pierson, Nina Skarra as well as luxury design house 1508 London. Most recently he has collaborated with Natalie B Coleman and Ethologie By Jasper Garvida.



Derek Lawlor


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