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Ivan Gunawan

Starting from an interest since childhood, Ivan Gunawan studied fashion designing and honing his talents by himself. Now, unnoticed, fourteen years already Ivan the profession as a designer. Love and seriousness in this profession as a designer was her fashion label has three of his own; "Ivan Gunawan 'for main line collection," IG-Ivan Gunawan "for second-line collection, and" Love ", for bridal collection.

Despite having a variety of other activities outside of its main profession, Ivan versatile men-always return to its roots as a designer, mengulik design and create with the materials to create clothing for its main inspiration: women. Of course, as a designer, show their work to the public is a must. Continuity in the work to the main sequence in the work agenda.

One event that never passed Ivan to demonstrate skill is Jakarta Fashion Week. For the fourth time Ivan Gunawan will adorn the stage Jakarta Fashion Week with collections.

Three years behind his coloring stage event with a rich collection collection will pop energy and color. This year, Ivan brings a slightly different collection. Ivan believes, the difference in this design is a process of growth and development as a designer. This year, Ivan Gunawan trying to see women from different sides.

Mysterious Regal

In a collection entitled "Mysterious Regal", Ivan saw the duality of things. A conflicting ideologies, the opposition of a dichotomy, but each gives meaning to one another. According to him, even the dark side also has a role to create a beautiful side to look impressive.

The collection illustrates this duality insert a message that women can be beautiful figure and beautiful to look at, but at the same time it can also emit a mysterious side that impressive he is not easy to grasp.

The elegance and mystique is drawn from the collection of the most played with black. Black, in the collection of Ivan Gunawan not be interpreted as dark and gloomy, melancholic but romantic and sexy.

Ivan Gunawan's Boutique
Address: Jalan Haji Abdul Majid Dalam no. 5
Komplek Departemen Angkatan Laut
Cipete Utara, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: (021) 769.01.60, 0855.110.6064 (Okto)
Email:ivan@ivan-gunawan.com , ivangun@ymail.com 
URL: www.ivan-gunawan.com