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HOPE is a Swedish fashion label created in 2001, by the designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. The first woman collection was launched in Autumn 2002 and in 2005 a collection for men was added to the concept. The first brand shop opened in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006, followed by 9 more Hope Shops. The HOPE Collection is also sold by over 260 exclusive retailers on 23 markets and in 7 HOPE Shop in Shops.

It begun as a creative discussion between two friends, Ann and Stefan, who both are passionate and extremely interested in well-made utility wear. After presenting a small test collection in autumn of 2001 they got the positive response necessary to launch HOPE to the market in 2002.

In the beginning a decision was made to focus and specialize only in Outerwear, Trousers and Accessories, to be able to deliver a quality and modern product without compromising. They wanted the concept to be original and unique rather than a traditional fashion collection with all product groups presented.

As the Brand has been growing and more customers join the HOPE Community the assortment range has been developed and today HOPE offers full range Collections for women and men as well as design co-ops with the field of Interior and Jewellery.


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