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Shahira was borned in Jakarta 14 September 1994, She founded KYRA in 2013 at her age of 18 years old, starting her journey with KYRA since she was a colleger, majoring on digital 3D animation. Young Shahira is known as illustrator at her school, her passion in art and designing bring her to meet business owner, Rifky, the holding company of CV Cardina, exotic leather specialist company. Their first collaboration is to create the branding image for KYRA. After KYRA getting a great reaction from the customers at KYRA boutique, Shahira decided to enter Italian fashion school to go deep into how to create the best bag design result. She decide to becoming a bag designer without leaving her signature touch of art and fantasy.

Founded in 2013, KYRA is the subsidiary of CV Cardina, a well known company that specialist in exotic leather industry since 1985 in Indonesia, CV cardina has a great reputation among exotic leather lovers from around countries. 
Starting at humble boutique, KYRA having a great market coming accross country, KYRA major customer for the first 2 years is South Korean customers, many of them coming every day, 3 to 7 cars a day to KYRA small boutique, until one day, one of our great customer, having a daughter who is the manager of Lotte Shopping Avenue, who is interest to put KYRA on their store.

For its best quality of leather tannery to beautiful exotic leather product making, KYRA now having 6 branch stores around Jakarta and several trusted partner around the coun-try like Seoul, South-Korea, and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

KYRA believe in progressing and innovation, our company is founded by young and passionate energy, we believe that this is just the begining from our great adventure in fashion industry.





Jalan Rawa Simprug 1C No. 2B
Kebayoran Lama,
South Jakarta 12220

+62 811-313-233

First Floor
Senayan City Mall
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