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Eleska Paradis (El) is the fashion designer behind PADI. She studied visual studies at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore in 2011 where she gained the knowledge about arts helping her to see how beautiful and meaningful fashion could be. As her senses tell her, she felt to move her life back to the vivacious Jakarta and see where the city could take her in the next chapter of her adventures. She then graduated from Lasalle College International in fashion design in 2016.

During her study, she won a prestigious fashion design competition held by Revlon in 2013 and had the opportunity to be the designer for Abang None Jakarta 2016. Venturing into a new field and driven by curiosity, she completed accessory design program in Felicidad Duce School Barcelona in 2014. In 2017 she continued her study in pattern making at Istituto Di Moda Burgo when she decided to establish PADI the same year.
El started PADI with a humble beginning as a fashion designer. The name PADI is inspired by the padi plant philosophy that her mother told her since early age; just as the padi plant bend lower as it ripens, so do those who are wise and knowledgeable display greater humility.

Blending modernity and Indonesian tradition is the hallmark of PADI. Classic, yet modern, the boldly feminine PADI is aimed for the women of now who cherish culture and tradition in her wardrobe with ease and comfort.