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Was born (8 September 1991) and grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. Her hobby in styling and drawing revealed her true passion in fashion world. She remarked her pursuit in becoming a fashion designer by going to Fashion Class, design majors in Indonesian Education University 2009. During college she ever internship in Harry Ibrahim Boutique.

She once worked as a designer in Errin Ugaru
 and Shafira Corporation after graduate. She has made several costumes for TV Shows with her team Mode Reizen. Then she decided to create her own brand line in 2017. 

Taken from Greek word meaning ‘crown’, Stemma is a circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch or queen as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels. With the hope this brand will be one of brand that continues to be on top on national even international fashion industry.

Become a mainstay brand for youngster who fashionable, unique, creative, and out of the box thingking. A brand that all women want to have at least one set of clothes in her closet. Providing and innovative and trendy clothes in every season. Besides that, in the word ‘stemma’ there is a name of the owner.