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NATUWA is a combination of two words. Natu stands for natural representing both of designers’ concepts. WA stands for Wakatobi and women (Muna language). We believed that NATUWA is the best word for our brand. Barani which was inspired by magnificent beauty of Wakatobi, and Rangkong Buton bird of Buton. Meanwhile, WA Muna was inspired by the untold history of Muna

tribe in the past such as prehistoric paintings in Sugi Patani cave located in Liangkobori village and also on how this tribe people wore their clothes. Each elements in our logo represents our inspirations. Blue inspired by the beautiful ocean of Wakatobi, a small kite represents “khagati”, the first kite in the world, strokes in “Natuwa” project the bravery of Celebes (Sulawesi) population since prehistory era, and the round shape represents the unity of Celebes population.


NATUWA by Winny Dwijaya & Naomi Sutono