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A ready-to-wear label by Teresa Christine Johan, a fashion design student of LaSalle College Jakarta. Tee. strives to provide style and comfort in simple yet modern looks.

For Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Tee. is going to present its first ready-to-wear batik collection : Revenir à soi. The name was inspired by Tambal Sewu’s ( name of the batik used in this collection) philosophy, which means revive or to return to oneself. Tambal Sewu batik motif have the meaning of patching or fixing things that are broken. In the course of his life, a man have to improve himself for a better life, both physically and mentally.

Other than that, Revenir à soi also matched the designer’s purpose of creating this collection; Which is to revive the youngsters interest and awareness towards Indonesian traditional cultures. Shades of blue and white were used with the inspiration from Keraton Cirebon’s chinoiseries. The collection consists of a range of clean and simple cuttings to give a modern stylish vibe.