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Neesha Amrish has built her label block by block. She began her journey six years ago with a one - table workshop in a non-descript studio trying to go organic with block prints and homespun textiles.But her vibrant colour stories, intense geometrical motifs and fuss-free styling appealed to a steady stream of very niche clientele. There has been no looking back since!

About half-a-dozen fashion houses in europe showcase her line, her latest being showcased at the very prestigious Victoria and Albert museum, London - the world’s greatest museum of art and design.Her independent efforts to revive handloom were recognized by HEPC (Handloom Export Promotion Council), who lauded her works and showcased her line in several runway shows in India and predominantly on a global platform for international buyers, where she was sold-out on her first show in Paris.

Neesha’s design aesthetic is minimalist and classic, where the textile and prints to do all the talking. They are a representation of modern india, yet ‘global’ in their own way. Neesha’s fabrics are hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-printed drenched in vibrant hues. The motifs range from nature-inspired patterns to abstract geometry. I’m stimulated by the potato in my kitchen, leaves and twigs in my garden and simple squares and circles. They can be easily be passed on as heirlooms from mother to daughter and transcend generations.

Brand Aeshaane aims to encourage a holistic, organic approach to sustainable living. Aeshaane explores alternative eco-friendly solutions for unisex handcrafted scarves, women's apparels and fabric upcycled accessories.