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Maison BAAZ Couture, a Jakarta based couture and bridal house. known for its intriguing rare embellishment techniques and unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections, the couture house has captivated the fashion world with its creative style and its consistent crafting of statement pieces admired as works of  art.
Maison BAAZ Couture is founded by its creative and eclectic artistic head designer, Mr. Cacal Baker. Mr.Cacal Baker, was born in Medan, South of Sumatra, Indonesia, on 10 November 1989. Soon after finished his studies, Mr. Baker started his own couture labels, His attention to detail combined with his natural design flair and his considerable tailoring technique earned him the recognition and trust of the most demanding clients.

Mr.Cacal baker is a contemporary couturier passionate about modern tailoring. Through his collections, he pays tribute to “hand-made” work, the art he is particularly fond of. It is Mr.Baker’s insight, his sharpness, his inspiration weaved to an incredible sense of craftsmanship that make his creations unforgettable.


Maison BAAZ Couture