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On a balmy evening in Bali, two ladies met for the first time at a mutual friend’s summer soiree. Both we were adorned in their most exquisite Indonesian jewelries for the occasion. It was an instant attraction that lured them to compliment each other’s pieces.

Days after, the meeting turned into friendship and lengthy discussion about jewelries, initially the ladies and founder of Alenka&Margo, Rani Tachril and Rsi Respati were exchanging views of their private heirloom and ways to wear them to stay current in fashion.

Having similar interest in jewelry and appreciation towards preserving Indonesian heritage and culture, Rani and Rsi poured ideas into designs.

Luxuriously handmade by skilled artisans of silver and goldsmiths in Bali, Alenka&Margo designs are inspired from Indonesian jewels across the archipelago, culture, art and nature. The collection is elegant, modern and sophisticated where the jewelries can transcend from everyday wear to formal occasion. Each piece embodies culture value and rich legacy of Indonesia’s enchanting beauty. Alenka&Margo is more than a jewelry, it is wearable art.

The name Alenka derived from Sanskrit that means holy, healthy, and lucky while Margo generally known as pearl which represents purity, innocence. Each piece possesses magical meaning and a symbol of lucky charm for the wearer.