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With a legitimate background in the fashion media industry, Nonita Respati proved herself worthy as a striving Indonesian designer. Growing up exposed to her family-owned Batik workshop; it’s only relevant that Nonita pursued the Indonesian heritage as her main focus of design. The 8-year-old brand has come and grown onto a respected fashion house that highlights modern-ethnic flavor. The mother-of-two ensured that Purana comes from a refined quality, for her wearers to be comfortable while exceptionally looking good.

Producing her own patterns and colors, the fashion house also experiments with the variety of textiles from Thai Silk, Viscose, Hand-woven fabric known as ATBM, organdy to tencel, which are proven to be environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. The freedom to create beautiful collections from these mediums is one of her fascination as a designer.

PURANA was established in 2008 as a fashion house that focuses on Indonesian batik and traditional textiles. Playing distinctive roles on the authentic batik process, tie-dye colors and intricate patterns within the industry, PURANA is acknowledged for its modern and edgy character. In 2015, PURANA launched its ready-to-wear line, PURANArtw. Aiming to reach wider customer base, PURANArtw provides more affordable pieces, yet still maintain the traditional textiles and processes.

Since 2010, PURANA has established an anticipated presence on the local runway. Proving that traditional fashion intricates can be valued parallel with international fashion scene. Honored to be a part of the ever-growing industry, PURANA has been involved in various fashion showcases and received numerous acclaimed recognition as well as profiled in various media publications




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