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Tities Sapoetra (born 9 May 1983) is an Indonesian actor. His
early appearances were in several TV series such as
Extravaganza ABG, Sketsa, and LUV RCTI.With almost 12 years
experience in the movie industry, Tities had honed his acting
abilities in various genres, from sitcom to horror, both on TV and
the cinema. He is now pursuing his passion in the fashion
industry where he inherited from his mother who was a fashion

Tities Sapoetra career skyrocketed thanks to the movie "Hantu Bangku Kosong" in 2006. In addition to being an actor, now Tities plunges into the world of fashion and become a fashion designer. Tities’ interest in the fashion world was inherited from his mother, who is a designer of wedding dresses. Since childhood, Tities indirectly already familiar with the sound of sewing machines, patterns, fabrics and so on. 

Tities Sapoetra owns three fashion lines. First, "Tities Sapoetra" which represent printing techniques, biding, patterns and embroidery. Second, "Batik Sadhana" in collaboration with his partner Mrs. Lena, empowering local batik artisans. And lastly, "Tash The Label", which markets casual and plain-ready-to-wear outfits.

He studied fashion design at Instituto de Moda Burgo and LPTB
Susan Budihardjo. His first prestigious event was 3G (GRAZIA,
GLITZ AND GLAM) on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. He introduced
his own fashion line “Tities Sapoetra” on that event. The brand
has been doing well for 4 years and last year (2017) Tities had
just launched his second line brand “TS The Label”. Moreover,
Tities has set his existence in the fashion industry when he
showcased his collection at multiple prestigious fashion events,
such as:

Jakarta Fashion Week (2016); Fashion Nation Senaya City

(2016); Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (2016); Jakarta
Fashion Week (2017); Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival
(2017); Fashion Nation Senayan City (2018); Jakarta
Fashion Week (2018); and Paris Fashion Show (2018).


Tities Sapoetra
Batik Sadhana
Tash The Label




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