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ORÉL is a Ready to Wear brand that is founded on the vision to be a sustainable brand that does not cause unnecessary harm to the environment and its surrounding. The brand work primarily with luxurious textiles & sustainable materials. Founded by the Creative Director, Aurelia Santoso; her aesthetic is heavily influenced by modern values and interweaving of cultures. To have her practice in a responsible and respectful manner to the planet and its inhabitant comes as a natural progression. Effortless elegance, comfort, and exploration of textiles are a few of her distinguishing features.

Starting the design process from the yarns, ORÉL are able to create pieces that is both one of a kind and more sustainable. Collaborating with local artisans to create our Bespoke textiles, our pieces celebrate innovation and the beauty of human touch. Orél’s pieces are designed for modern women. Eclectic and contemporary, the brand constantly evolves. Building its aesthetics through inspired use of silhouettes & relaxed tailoring, each collection is a play on the intricate complexities of modern women, structured yet gentle, detailed yet effortless, subtle but distinct. Each piece is created with philosophies and processes that runs deeper than fashion.





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