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A person who’s interested in the fashion world since he was a child, wanting to look different from the others, that he styled himself with his own design, that is Adrian Gan’s signature, to connect the creativity inside him. Moving from his hometown, Sukabumi, North Java, he applied to Susan Budihardjo’s fashion school to explore deeper against the fashion world and also polish his skills. He started his career as a custom-made designer. Fabric reconstruction technic, unique gown folds, also the details that he sew in a perfect state and also attractive, makes himself to be well-known as a dressmaker in Jakarta. 

He is also known by making unique cheongsam, the cheongsam that he made has perfect structures, also very neat craftsmanship. He also has a different kind of silhouettes making the only woman who loves to explores with styles and is not afraid to try new things are the only people who can wear his dresses, bridals, and coutures.



Adrian Gan 



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Instagram : @adrianganworld

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