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Kana Goods' journey begins with a small-sized workshop in our house that becomes the starting point of the production of Indigo Dyed and Batik. Located in a rural area in South Tangerang, we deliver our roots about the natural dyed process, batik, and social empowerment from the surrounding environment. From this small workshop, our journey begins from the raw materials to the finished products that deliver our values to the community.

Our product is based on the blue color. The blue itself represents trust, sincere, and calm feeling. The blue shades are derived from natural processing involving the Indigofera Tinctoria plant, which produces true indigo color. Our values are parallel with the natural indigo dye processing which creates a synergy that could be delivered to the society.

Batik has been founded in Indonesia since the 12th century. In the present day, Batik has become the icon of Indonesia's culture and heritage. Kana Goods is applying the Batik on its product to sustain Indonesian culture among a mass changing from globalization.

Our dyeing and process could not be done perfectly without the people behind it. We try to empower our surrounding environment not only just from the natural dyeing, but we also engage our neighborhood to participate in producing our products, from designing, Batik drawing, dying, until becoming the value-added outputs.

The processes that were mentioned before are the efforts to accomplish our purpose by producing and delivering the environmental friendly outputs and trying to pursue sustainable value for the community. With the help of the society, together we are trying to accomplish long-term goals for the environment by offering sustainable outputs to the market.






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