#AKuJFWBlogger Series: Interview with I.K.Y.K

Thursday, 2 Nov 2017

by Tim Peliput Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Anandia Putri is the creative director of IKYK: I Know You Know, an Indonesia Fashion Forward curated label established in 2011. Our #AkuJFWBlogger, Meredith Peng, interviewed her during her showcase in Fashionlink Market and Showroom, The Hall, located on the eighth floor of Senayan City.

Can you tell us a bit about I.K.Y.K.?

Our brand is all about modest wear and women’s wear. Basically, the concept of this season (S/S 2018) is all about self appreciation -- how you respect yourself and such. Our previous collection used a lot of earthy tones and earth colors. In this season we wanted to show something more mature, more bold, so we used colors like red, strong navy, maroon, and oxblood.

We also used more evening fabrics like satin, silk, organza, and tulle. In our previous collection, our main fabrics were more casual - like cotton, linen. But in this collection we wanted to step forward. We wanted something that someone could wear in the evening also, so we used those kinds of fabrics.

Can you talk more about the red colors, the striking pallete you chose for your collection during Jakarta Fashion Week 2018?

I wanted to create something eye-catching but still something I would like to wear, because this collection is all about myself and things I can wear also. Sometimes designers design things but don’t even wear them. This time I wanted a collection where I can wear everything. I can wear it in the evening, in the day, at night, in a casual way, in a formal way.
About the red and maroon, I guess there’s something about strong colors that I like to wear it. I like them because they’re so strong yet feminine also. You know, like powerful but still romantic at the same time. So, I guess red is the best color.

Can you talk more about the modest wear trend, what it means, and its popularity?

Sometimes I’m thinking that modest wear here is associated more with Muslim wear. But what I.K.Y.K.  is about is modest wear in a global way. It means that you can wear clothes without showing too much skin but can still be fashionable and stylish. That’s what I.K.Y.K. wants to show to the global market. You can be very powerful, very cool, and very trendy while we cover ourselves.

And how do you transform a very modest piece into something very chic and trendy?

I guess it’s all about the feeling. The emotions. When I make a piece, I style it and then I wear it. Because day by day I have to be myself. The inspiration is basically from myself and from my mom. My mom also wears hijab and I can see myself in her. People are always talking about how I am more like my mom. We are so much like twin sisters. I can see my shape in her, so I guess I think to myself... "How do I keep this modest wear line trendy?:

Trendy clothes or, how I represent myself first. Then I style them in my own way. I don’t follow the trends, like the modest wear trend in Indonesia. I want to create something like, “This is I.K.Y.K.. This is I.K.Y.K. modest wear.” Not like your regular modest wear, you know what I mean? So, this is like modest wear in an I.K.Y.K. way.

And what are some trends in the modest wear realm?
Maybe for IKYK it’s always about jackets. Outerwear. We have four elements for this season. First is the evening, meaning we have evening clothes. Second is masculine, which I really love to see when someone wears a feminine piece of mine and balance it with a masculine one. Because I’m not like a girly type girl, so I really like to see something masculine in our season. The third is romance, from the colors. And the fourth is the jackets. Because IKYK’s best item is outerwear. I don’t know why, because our country is the most tropical in the world. But people keep buying and purchasing and like and love our outerwear, so I guess that’s the main direction of IKYK modest wear so far.

And lastly, you were talking about how you’d wear all of these pieces. Do you have a favorite?
From this season, my favorite this piece, the one in olive, I'd like to call an umbrella shirt. You can wear it as a tunic or as a dress. And the other one I guess is this long navy vest. Yeah. I like the shape, so much like an A-line. And when you let it flow, the material shape is so cool. I just like the shape like an umbrella.

Text and photos: Meredith Peng - #AkuJFWBlogger
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