Modernizing Modest Wear

Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016

by JFW

March 10 2016 marked the Australian runway debut of ETU by Restu Anggraini at Melbourne Fashion Festival (MFF).  ETU was awarded the 2015 Australia Indonesia Fashion Alliance AIC award that allowed the brand to showcase a collection at Melbourne Fashion Festival. The Australia Indonesia Fashion Alliance AIC award was created to give young designers from Indonesia the chance to present their collections in Australia and promote their labels to a wider audience.

ETU’s Melbourne debut runway show doesn’t just represent the immense talent of Indonesian designers but proves that modest wear fashion is in high demand on a global scale.  In recent months Modest Wear fashion has become a hot topic of fashion bloggers, journalists and magazines, so much so that world-class brands have begun to release their own line headscarf’s and modest wear clothing.

ETU is a brand that’s ahead of the game; presenting pieces that are fresh, fashion forward and functional giving the wearer casual yet sophisticated look.  The brand’s design concept of using menswear shapes and converting them into a women’s silhouette truly differentiates ETU from other modest brands attempting to break into the mainstream fashion market.  ETU’s presentation of modernized modest wear clothing at Melbourne Fashion Festival put emphasis on the fact that you don’t need to be tied to a religious faith in order to wear modest clothing and that one does not need to wear reveling pieces in order to be stylish.

In a world where modest clothing is very limited ETU is helping shape a new generation of stylish modest women who are not defined by the traditional style of modest wear clothing.  The achievements and success of ETU are a symbol of how well the Indonesian and modest wear fashion industries are growing at a rapid rate.  By mainstreaming modest wear ETU is unknowingly breaking fashion boundaries for women on a global scale and is leading the way for a shift in the way society views great style.

By Jourdie Godley