IN.MIND, An Indonesia-Inspired Collection

Monday, 22 Oct 2018

by Jakarta Fashion Week

As part of Jakarta Fashion week 2019, Senayan City presented a couple shows for fashion lovers in Fashion Atrium and Fashion Tent. Collaborating with Fashionlink x BLCKVNUE, they presented IN.MIND collection, tailored by talented designers like Bateeq, Raegitazoro, and SAUL. These collections are Spring/Summer 2019 ready-to-wear fashion with unique and diversed styles.

For IN.MIND collection, Batteq brought "Kampong" to live. Filled with depiction of simple village life that are subtle and quiet, the collection reflects childhood memories that are pure and full of nostalgic feelings. Using two main patterns, Nandur Pari with batik Grinsing accent and Saskara with batik Truntum accent, the collection was made with environmentally friendly tools and ingredients. The collection was dominated by Bateeq’s signature blue batik. Fabric play with pleats and ruffles gave out casual fun ambience. The patch accent gives additional edgy urban vibes to casual outfits.

Raegitazoro optimistic approach on Indonesia's Democratic Party this year gave birth to "SQUAD". The collection displays combination of dark olive green and midnight blue that illustrated bravery and toughness of a soldier, mixed with color play of bright colors like pink and neon green that illustrated happiness and passion. Statement pieces that almost instantly catch the eye are viciously vibrant and fitting for urban wear. Sporty and passionate souls from the clothes are also represented well by the models’ appearances. With fully braided hair and neon face paint, they screamed the soul of the collection.

SAUL took a 1970s theme for their collaborated collection. In "Faith" collection, Saul fashion enthusiasts were brought back to the iconic era where bell bottoms and wide leg pants ruled. Saul’s masculine personality was shown on the minimalist cut on the entire collection. With monochromatic and neutral color palette like soft brown and stripes motive, Saul gave today’s modern woman a timeless look that are so classic and elegant.

All of these collections are available at Fashionlink x BLCKVNUE store at level 2 senayan city, making fashion more reachable to all fashion enthusiasts. (ELV/ZGY)